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Christiane Obydol and Zouk Machine
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Christiane Obydol and Zouk Machine

Christiane Obydol and Zouk Machine  Biography

“Christiane Obydol and Zouk Machine got everyone dancing, even those who had not dared move from their seats. In a crazy atmosphere, the crowd jumped and sang along…” – France Dimanche, 3/11/16


“[These] prestigious artists…drew as many as 3,000 people. An unforgettable evening!”
– La Dépêche du Midi, 7/1/17


“Beautiful atmosphere at the 30th anniversary of Zouk Machine.” – France-Guyane, 7/9/17

Legendary Antilles Band ZOUK MACHINE Led by Singer CHRISTIANE OBYDOL

Signs with New African Production, Booking Now for 2017-2018 Season


NEW AFRICAN PRODUCTION is pleased to announce the re-emergence of the pioneering band from Guadeloupe, now known as TEAM ZOUK MACHINE. With an exciting new presentation that has been bringing audiences to their feet across Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, the band is led by Christiane Obydol – herself a founding member of the all-female vocal trio that broke through cultural and gender barriers in the 1980s to achieve international acclaim.

The group is currently booking dates in the United States and Canada for the 2017-2018 season.

With seeds planted in the French Antilles and cultivated in the studios of Paris, zouk exploded onto the music scene in the late 1980s, taking over dance floors throughout Europe, Africa and the Caribbean.

Zouk Machine was formed in 1986 by renowned Guadeloupean musicians Guy Houllier and Yves Honoré, whose band Experience 7 was part of the cultural identity movement that swept across the entire Caribbean region in the 1970s.Their innovative fusions of Antillean folk music led to such new genres as biguine, cadence-lypso, kadans-compas and others. These genres became the foundation of zouk in the 1980s, with the addition of synthesizers, rhythm box and other electronic effects that brought pop music to a whole new level worldwide.

Inspired by starslike Tanya St-Val and Jocelyne Béroard (of the now-iconic super-group Kassav’),the three backing vocalists of Experience 7 – Joëlle Ursull, Christiane Obydol and Dominique Zorobabel – stepped forward as Zouk Machine, soon to become one of the most successful female singing trios in the West Indies.

Between 1986 and 1999, Zouk Machine released 7 acclaimed albums (including two “Best Of” compilations), 12 EPs and 6 singles that topped the charts in France. In 1990, their second album yielded a #1 hit single, Maldòn (Music in the skin), that went platinum; at over 1 million copies, it remains the most-sold zouk single of all time.

The group has weathered personnel changes and other upheavals: In 1989, Ursull was replaced by Jane Fostin, who then left in 1995. Obydol and Zorobabel continued as a duo until 2006, when Zorobabel went solo and Obydol took the Machine into her own hands.

For more than a decade, Christiane Obydol hasmanaged to find that delicate balance between nostalgia and novelty. Joined onstage by supporting vocalist/dancers, the band features founding members Houllier and Honoré, along with a flexible lineup of seasoned musicians.

While satisfying long-time fans with a revue of the hits that catapulted Zouk Machine to the top of the charts, Obydol continues to garner new fans with original repertoire. Her popularity has spread throughout the Caribbean, Europe and across the African continent,from the Cape Verde islands in the west to the Indian Ocean islands in the east.

Presently celebrating 30 years on the music scene, Obydol is rebranding the group’s concept as Team Zouk Machine and moving the music forward with their“pop zouk” sound – a rich stew of Caribbean flavors from cadence to compas and cumbia along with the Antillean gwo ka and chouval bwa rhythms, spiced with funk, jazz, rock and soul – that appeals to a cross-cultural and cross-generational audience.

In 2016, the group was part of TOP 50, a grand concert tour of the top-selling French artists from the ‘80s, where they performed in over 30 of France’s indoor arenas. That was followed by the release of a double CD/DVD package, Anthologie Live (Sun Records). The group’s first album since 1999, it represents a true anthology of the solid gold hits as currently performed. It also includes an original, previously unreleased studio production, the sports anthem “Allez Les Bleus (Yélé)”.

In early January 2017, the group performed at New York City’s legendary world music venue, S.O.B.’s. A summer 2017 tour included several of the most important festivals in France and Switzerland, plus a 30 year celebration in Guyana, at the legendary Zéphyr, performing for a sold-out house. Performances in Africa, the Caribbean and South America are scheduled for later this year.

Team Zouk Machine with Christiane Obydol have now signed with the venerable management and concert promotion company New African Production, and are currently preparing a live tour of the United States and Canada. Please direct all inquiries to Birane Sarr at 201-290-6614 or


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